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Training on Watershed management and Organic agriculture in IIRD (30th June to 2nd July)

Keeping in mind the scarcity of rain for this year and need of awareness, IIRD had facilitated three days training program on watershed management for the District Sustainable Livelihood Facilitator (DSLFs), village water volunteers (Panisevaks/sevikas) from IIRD and partner organizations from other five districts. The training was scheduled on 30th June to 2nd July.

Through participatory learning and with the help of live practices, the participants enjoyed the training and learned various techniques of watershed management.

First Day, after the Inauguration function, workshop on people’s participation and their role in water management and water budget was held.

On the Second Day, the topics covered include the definition of watershed, its concept and need, practical demonstration of Dumpy level, responsibility of village water volunteers (Panisevak/sevika), types of soil erosion and control measures, net planning was discussed with equal participation.

On the Third Day, the discussions were on organic agriculture, principles and aims of organic agriculture, and Local Standards on Organic Agriculture.

Training ended with the feedback session followed by valedictory function.

Training-prog Training-Prog.7 Training-Prog.4 Training-Prog.3


Phad Irrigation – a joint effort by the people of Jamwadi village, IIRD, and Dilasa (18th June 2014)

The PaaniSevikas of Jalna – Sharda, Aruna, and Kavita – spotted the possibility of Phad irrigation in Jamwadi village. The Phad system was introduced to PaaniSevikas and some farmer representatives from the exposure trips to Yavatmal where they had seen the structures done by the villages there with the support of Dilasa. Along with the farmers in the selected area, the land survey was conducted and the Phad irrigation system was completed by mid-June. Now, they eagerly wait for the rains that would fill the check dam and then irrigate their farms without the use of any external energy but only through gravity.

Due to this Phad system, nearly 150 acres of land will be under irrigation. About 20 farmers will benefit through this initiative facilitated by IIRD and technical advice of Dilasa. Now, they are also planning for another a “Doh system” alongside the Phad for recharge of underground water.



Joy Daniel, the Executive Director of IIRD,on a monitoring visit to the location of Phad on 18th June 2014.


World Environment Day Celebration by IIRD in villages in the month of June 2014

On 5th June 2014, IIRD celebrated the world environment day along with the small farmers of Aurangabad district. Farmers meetings were organized by the field workers in different villages. At least, two to three staff from IIRD participated in each of the village programmes. They initially discussed regarding the environment day, its importance and need for the celebration. Then they asked the farmers to form an environment committee in their respective villages, which will help their own village to grow towards environment protection.

Encironment-day4 Environment-day-1 Environment-day3

Visit to Abhivyakti Media for Development on 16th April 2014.

Joy Daniel and Dattatraya Deshpande visited Abhivyakti Media for Development organization in Nasik media for one day training. The training was about effective management of accounts in accordance with the norms of European donor organizations and the recent regulatory requirement of the country. Besides, the good governance standards were also reinforced during this training and capacity building initiative.