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Jeevan Aadhar – Diwali happiness

In the month of November 2013, the month when Diwali(Indian festival of lights) is celebrated, Diwali gifts in the form of sarees  were distributed to the elderly in the Jeevan Aadhar program, in addition to the regular grocery.

It was a delight to see the happiness on the faces of the elderly when they received their Diwali gifts. Some of them were eager to check out the color of the saree and if the blouse piece that came with it matched with the saree. By the end of the distribution, one of the IIRD staff became an expert in matching sarees and blouse pieces. Some of the elderly were picky and wanted a different color of saree than they were initially given and IIRD was more than happy to let them pick their choices. It was interesting to observe a blind elderly  in the village of Farola, wanted to exchange the red saree she received  for a yellow one, when one of the IIRD staff informed her about the color of her saree.

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There was also an elderly from the village of Bokad Jalgaon, who wanted the food grains from only farmers of a specific caste. She boycotted the Jeevan Aadhar because an elderly women suffering from leprosy was also given sarees and grocery. The food grains from different farmers, irrespective of their caste and creed, are distributed to the elderly who were selected irrespective of their caste and creed. In the villages of Jambli and Bokad Jalgaon,  for the elderly  Banjara(tribal) women,  Ghagra-choli(Tribal clothing) were provided.