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Suvarna is one name in the long list of people whose life has undergone a tremendous change after attending IIRD’s vocational training programme, yet very special! IIRD has empowered many women by providing them skills for income generation and inculcated a sense of pride in these women.

Suvarna at work

Suvarna runs a shop in the busy bazaar area in Bidkin village,22 kms from Aurangabad. When we arrive at her shop, she is busy attending her customers who have come for Eid shopping. As she settles down to tell her story, she tells me it is a peak season for her. The inadequate monsoon rains have affected her business as well, with people making small purchases than they usually do.

Suvarna originally belongs to Gidhada, a small village in Paithan taluka,Aurangabad district. Suvarna’s father was a farm labourer and had a large family to support. Suvarna could complete her schooling till seventh standard. She was married off at the age of thirteen to Mr. Vishnu Kale.

Initial years of marriage were difficult for the couple. They had no financial support. Suvarna had to manage the household expenses in the meagre income of her husband who worked in a medical store. Unfortunately, the store was closed because it was illegal with no license to run it, increasing the difficulties for the family. Suvarna decided to support the family. She had heard about IIRD’s free vocational training programme back in her home town through a promotional drive conducted by IIRD’s staff members. She enrolled herself in the six month course in tailoring, which was held at Parrie Centre for technology in IIRD’s campus. She later completed a certificate course in Yashwantrao Chavan Open University.

She still reminisces her training days and heartily thanks all the members for their tremendous support during trying times. She has rented a shop in the bazaar area of Bidkin where she conducts tailoring classes for girls along with stitching dresses for her customers. There are also stationery items in her shop. Her husband works as an insurance agent and operates from the same shop. Previously she used to earn Rs.100 to Rs.200 a day but hard work and dedication have borne fruits and her business is growing and she makes about Rs.400 per day. She has also purchased three sewing machines. She told me that her family presently lives in a rented house, but she has recently purchased a plot of land where she intends to build a house and shift her business as well.

Suvarna with her husband

Though she has come a long way and the financial condition of her family has stabilized, tears well up in her eyes remembering the early hardships endured by her family. She now aspires to provide good education to her two kids,Jaydutt and Vaishnavi. It was her sheer hard work, dedication, and help from IIRD that she hopes to fulfil her dreams!


Online Donations to support the marginalized persons in rural Marathwada

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2. Also, please visit where another project need is listed. We are constrained with resources to continue our health services to the elderly poor and destitute persons in the villages.

Thank you very much for your support. You can be very assured that 100% of your money reaches the most marginalized in the communities.

– Joy Daniel, Executive Director at IIRD. For any queries, email – jdaniel (at) iird . org . in (remove spaces and (at) = @)