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A day with a farmer in Marathwada


Medical drugs only by prescription but…

There is no prescription required if one has to buy the most potent of poisons for greatest disasters to life, health, and environment.

Maybe not really worth the queuing.

Kudos to the “green revolution” for the fertilizer queues. It certainly did not exist before. This dependency benefits few but surely an inconvenience for many to say the least. The beginning of the debt cycle for the poor farmer.

And yet, the foods are sold and consumed freely.

It is common sense. If the pesticides could kill pests, it has to harm the human beings at least to a certain degree. More so, for children.

I wish all mothers and fathers insist on organic foods at home, schools, and markets.

Story of one among many small farmers who commit suicide

There surely is a way out but there needs to be a will from all stakeholders that include you and me – farmers, consumers, government, private sector players, and other development organizations.

Amazing hospitality

She is truly great. All her material possessions put together may not be worth more than 1500 INR (US$ 40) but she has a great heart and remains an inspiration for me. I visited her place unannounced. Yet, she prepared tea for me with borrowed sugar and would have prepared lunch if I had stayed a bit longer.